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With the introduction of the Affordable Care Act, employers using standard, fully-insured plans are faced with restrictive plan designs, heavy taxation and steadily increasing premiums.

But not here.

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AmeraPlan provides the

necessary to transform the way brokers and clients experience healthcare benefits.


We offer a comprehensive selection of benefit options through our self-funded programs. Companies are able to choose benefits that are specific to the needs of their workforce while maximizing healthcare savings.


Clients deserve access to their healthcare information from wherever they are — be it in the office or on vacation. We not only transform healthcare benefits, we customize access to each group.


AmeraPlan believes that the costly and restrictive healthcare model has to go — and in its place, we offer an array of provider networks and benefit options that are hand-selected to fit the needs of every client based on their geographic, cost and quality needs.


Our purpose is to transform the healthcare space and make benefits accessible and affordable for every client. AmeraPlan delivers options that enhance member health while increasing plan control and savings.

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Your company is one of a kind—shouldn’t your health plan be as well? Take back control of your health plan with AmeraPlan.